Service Segments


Educational Institutions & Campuses

Many educational institutions are unprepared for the events and tragedies found in recent headlines across the country. Schools and campuses should be a safe haven for students and teachers, yet we are frequently reminded of the vast vulnerabilities that exist in school security.

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Retail & Commercial Security

Our retail security services are rooted in providing a safe working and shopping environment, as well as reducing shrink. Premier Protective Services is a Full Service security company that provides ALL security related services and thus we provide “Security Solutions”. We are not just another guard service.

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Gated Communities & Residential

Premier Protective Services offers unique security solutions that meet the specific safety and security needs and desires for your gated community guests and residents. Creating a safe carefree environment for your residents requires experienced planning and implementation of technology, physical resources and protocols that fit the culture and nature of your particular community.

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Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare security service is in demand and rightfully so. With the consistent risk of reduced reimbursement levels for Medicaid Services, an investment in hospital and healthcare facility security is vital.

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Manufacturing & Warehouses

Billions are lost each year in the manufacturing industry due to internal or external threats and thieves. The list of perpetrators is diverse and sophisticated. These losses not only effect the bottom line, they also effect branding reputation, trade secrets, and customer satisfaction.

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