Security Training

Training is the main ingredient for the Premier Protective Services’s successes. It’s a two-fold process: Training our guards, officers, and staff and training our clients.

Training our people

Each of the guards and officers of Premier Protective Services is required to participate, complete and pass certification training as mandated by local and state governments. In addition, each employee receives ongoing training to bolster experience and ensure readiness for our clients. At Premier Security Group we offer total security solutions and our human security component is the front line representatives of these valuable key functions that contribute to the safety and security of our client’s people, property and assets.

In addition to the Premier Protective Services’s comprehensive security training, our team of guards, officers and staff routinely receive training and coaching in areas of first aid and interpersonal skills.

Training our clients

Premier Protective Services offers a wide variety of training and instruction options for your management and employee segments.

Once your security needs and goals have been determined, our team of consultants will design a signature security plan uniquely tailored for your business that includes operational protocols. Maximizing the effectiveness of any plan requires proper execution. We provide the training required to properly execute your security program at its full capacity.

Whether it’s training your staff how to operate surveillance technology tools or teaching the “what to look for” in detecting theft, scams and fraud, your staff will be on point and part of the total security solution.

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