Security Consulting

Premier Protective Services is a business specific, total security solution provider. Security consultation services facilitate the development of strategic planning through detailed vetting of current security vulnerabilities, suspected loss, site surveys, customer flow, employee access, and detailed exploration of business protocols and practices.

Our consultation services provide the detailed insight required to determine what type of security support and solution a client requires and the best way to implement that support and solution to gain the maximum return on their investment.

We know what to look for

Our team of experts has the experience to audit and comb through operation reports, find abnormalities, and offer a comprehensive plan that meets and exceeds your business security goals. From hiring practices to inventory protocols, Premier Protective Services is ready to design and develop a signature security program tailored to your specific line of business, facility, and scope of operation. Our effectiveness stems from our unique ability to provide the physical capability and technology to enforce your security program.

Are you building a new facility?

Seeking a security consultant is an often missed step prior to the new construction of a building, store, warehouse or facility. Premier Protective Services works with you to prevent security weaknesses before they are a permanent part of your structural design. The use of surveillance cameras and technology is only as effective as their ability to capture what is required to prosecute. How do your customers flow through your store front? Where are the blind spots in your floor plan? Can your inventory be monitored and cross referenced?  These are just a few of the considerations that should be designed and implemented in the architecture prior to construction for maximum security results.

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