Protective Services & Guards

Premier Protective Services is a human security component. With a cadre of highly trained professional guards, Premier Protective Services provides valuable functions that directly contribute to the security and safety of people, property, and assets. 

Why We Are Different

We aren’t just another guard service, we are a total security solution company. We provide a wide scope of customizable services based on each client’s needs and we have the tools and resources to meet the security needs of any size business, institution, property or facility. We are large enough to handle large scale corporations and small enough to provide and maintain high quality personal service relationships.

The presence of a uniformed security guard is statistically one of the most effective deterrents for criminal and unlawful activities. Premier Protective Services officers are able to bolster those statistics and effectiveness through a meticulously planned and coordinated security program specifically tailored to the criteria, threats, and vulnerabilities of each client’s needs.
Our planning process is unparalleled. We value the valuation of specific service needs in the defined focus it provides when placing the most appropriate, effective team members on the job site. These teams are fully capable to perform the duties and responsibilities of their post, as well as exhibit the interpersonal skills and professionalism required

Our officers and guards are professionally uniformed in accordance to the style and setting required by our clients. Highly visible identification badges and Premier Security patches and logos are always present.

Every Premier Protective Services guard is supported with a dispatch center and regularly scheduled and unscheduled visits from supervisors to ensure the highest level of quality in our services.

Why we are the leaders in officer retention

Premier Protective Services practices the highest standards of hiring and screening for all officer and guard personnel. Our retention rate as an employer is industry leading. We achieve these quality control standards through regular training and testing. All of our officers are subject to thorough background checks, drug testing, and must meet current requirements for training and licensing. We maintain service excellence through rigorous ongoing training programs for all levels of personnel.

Prior to the assignment of a security team or officer, specialized training based on the location and specific client needs are completed. Training includes classroom instruction on general orders and specific site related post orders, operational and emergency protocols, use of surveillance equipment, defensive tactics, and interpersonal skill sets.

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