Mobile Patrol Services

At Premier Protective Services, we offer one of the largest, most highly trained, and experienced patrol services in the industry. Utilizing a mobile patrol service is a common option chosen by clients who do not require a dedicated security staff.

This cost-effective facility protection service provides visual deterrence and early detection of criminal activity and vulnerabilities.

Premier Protective Services provides exterior patrol officers who ensure proper closure of exterior doors and entrances, visually inspects all access points, windows, landscaping and parking areas, and stay alert for suspicious behavior such as vandalism, graffiti or any other illegal activities.

Our interior patrol service ensures all suite and mechanical doors are secure, interior lighting is working properly, and observes common and designated areas for abnormal activities or any kind. Additionally, we offer high visibility security escorts for employees when threats or concerns are present or shift change vulnerabilities are a concern.

Mobile patrols handle securing or unlocking exterior doors and gates as well as activating and deactivating alarm systems when required. Our patrol teams also improve and enforce visitor, reserved, handicap and fire lane parking violations and deter parking lot abnormalities.

We have a 24-hour security operations center that dispatches officers to alarm responses and performs thorough inspections of the facility and premises. Our officers are trained to document their findings and notify the appropriate point of contact as directed.

Patrols are conducted using a fleet of clearly marked vehicles equipped with modern communication capabilities and GPS navigation systems. Each patrol is in constant contact with our 24-hour dispatch support.

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