Loss Prevention & Investigation

Premier Protective Services is a surrogate loss prevention department for any small business – an arm that can prevent and stop inventory and/or money from walking out the door.

How Premier works for you

Premier Protective Services creates and tailors the necessary processes and programs to maximize deterrent effects, identify potential problems and mitigate risk in a business. The premier service team starts at the very beginning, going from blueprint to fingerprint.

First, the team assesses its client’s practices, policies and procedures to create a comprehensive evaluation of potential and actual losses, those responsible for the losses, and how to stop and prevent theft again.

Using audits and evaluations, the team identifies losses and their causes, and then creates a “top to bottom” loss prevention system that includes electronic surveillance to mitigate and prevent theft.

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The 10-10-80 Rule

No one likes to think losses are happening in their company, but it certainly is a reality that can happen. A study by the University of Florida states that when looking at a company’s workforce, 10% of people steal while 10% do not. However the other 80% will steal, if they have a need or are given the chance and believe they will not be caught. Premier Protective Services develops a plan for your business to deter the theft of the 90 percent who either will steal, or might if given the opportunity.

Optimizing the equipment is key

Many companies feel secure because they purchase and install surveillance electronics, but it’s what a company does with them that counts. The electronics, no matter how sophisticated, are only as valuable as the plan and process they are designed to execute. It’s critical that surveillance equipment be placed and monitored properly and in accordance with legal compliance in the event prosecution is necessary.

Many security companies sell and install the equipment but aren’t always experts on the best practices of the application, and the installation and use isn’t custom to that particular business. Premier Protective Services assesses what’s needed and designs a plan so the electronics work flawlessly for you in every situation.


Premier Security Services all-encompassing approach and stellar practices come from its reputation as being one of the very first loss prevention businesses in the United States having more than 20 years of experience in the field.

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