Investigative Services

Premier Security Services’ investigative practices come from its reputation as being one of the very first loss prevention businesses in the United States offering more than 20 years of experience in the field.

In many cases, local law enforcement support is only available in niche based areas of business loss. They primarily offer reaction based results when theft, fraud or illegal activities are brought to their attention and only with indisputable proof.

Most businesses do not have a program in place to identify the source or suspect of a loss, let alone obtain, document and provide evidentiary proof to support legal action.

Premier Security Services provides professional investigative services that identify loss and its causes, and establish the proof and evidence to support termination and/or prosecution. Our investigators interview the suspected perpetrators and present the evidence against them, inform them of their options and follow through with the desired result of the client. We are often called on to testify on our client’s behalf.

Our investigators partner with your loss prevention team

It is common for an employee pool to recognize the members of your internal loss prevention management and team members.

Internal losses and theft that elude detection by your current loss prevention team are usually the work of sophisticated thinkers who have identified a weakness in your security veil and are aware of the personnel looking for them. Not too mention the unfortunate reality of discovering the perpetrator is someone you least suspect and therefore haven’t thoroughly investigated.

Our investigators are capable of working undercover. Working as electricians, plumbers or maintenance service personnel are a few roles that are commonly used to disguise the objectives of our team members. This is a highly effective method to install additional surveillance technology, such as tiny cameras hidden in a wall socket, that capture the required footage to prevent these losses and remove these perpetrators from your work force.

Premier Security Services can be a second set of eyes examining and auditing your loss prevention protocols and a value added component to your current loss prevention team.

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