Alarm Response Services

Release yourself and your staff from the burden of responding to the uncertain, possible high-risk situations inherent with activated alarm.

Premier Security Services has patrol security plans for major corporations or small businesses, as well as manufacturing facilities, all customized and affordable for each client.

Premier Security Services provides patrol and alarm response services that enhance the prevention and deterrence of vandalism and criminal activity. Our officers are highly trained, seasoned veterans who patrol your property in highly visible security vehicles.

If an alarm is activated and we discover criminal activity, vandalism or unlawful behavior, we will notify local law enforcement and management personnel. The premier security group is a total security solution company, specializing in the analysis of security vulnerabilities and developing customized loss prevention programs.

We design, install and maintain robust security solutions and protocols that exceed the highest standards of the security industry. Through a cohesion of cutting-edge technology, human resources and experienced planning, your shrink will reduce and your property, assets, patrons and employees will be thoroughly protected.

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