Premier Protective Services


Loss Prevention & Investigation

Premier Protective Services is a surrogate loss prevention department for any small business – an arm that can prevent and stop inventory and/or money from walking out the door.

Premier creates and tailors the necessary processes and programs to maximize deterrent effects, identify potential problems and mitigate risk in a business. The Premier Protective Services team rolls up their sleeves and goes to work by starting at the very beginning – going from blueprint to fingerprint.

First, the team assesses its client’s practices, policies and procedures to create a comprehensive evaluation of potential and actual losses, who are responsible for the losses, and how to stop and prevent theft again.


Guard Services

Premier Protective Services provides the human security component. With a stable of highly trained professional guards, Premier Protective Services provides valuable functions that directly contribute to the security and safety of people, property, and assets.

We aren’t just another guard service, we are a total security solution company. We provide a wide scope of customizable services based on our client’s needs and we have the tools and resources to meet the security needs of any size business, institution, property or facility. We are large enough to handle large scale corporations and small enough to provide and maintain high quality personal service relationships.