Commercial & Retail Security Services

Our retail security services are rooted in providing a safe working and shopping environment, as well as reducing shrink. Premier Protective Services is a full-service security company that provides all security related services, thus providing your total security solutions. We are not just another guard service.

At Premier Protective Services we create some loss prevention strategies and programs that are always one step ahead of shoplifters and dishonest employees. We design, install and implement a balanced blend of cutting-edge technology and human resources working in concert to minimize losses and shrink.

Every retailer is’nt unique. We place value in understanding your operation, vulnerabilities and situation, as it relates to your expectations and goals. We forge partnerships with your asset management team to create robust, customized loss prevention programs. We identify how and what losses are happening, minimize those losses and vulnerabilities for future loss, and deter and detect suspicious personnel or customers. Every day our retail clients nationwide depend on the effective retail security we provide.

Take advantage of our unique ability to offer top shelf loss prevention planning and programming. The combination of our cutting edge surveillance technology and our highly effective and thoroughly trained human security forces makes Premier Protective Services the best security solution industry wide for your retail security needs.

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