Manufacturing Facility & Transportation Security

Each year, billions are lost in the manufacturing industry due to internal or external threats and thieves. The list of perpetrators is diverse and sophisticated. These losses not only effect the bottom line, they also effect branding reputation, trade secrets, and customer satisfaction.

At Premier Protective Services we assemble the most effective loss prevention programs in the industry.  We begin with a thorough interview and a complete comprehensive review of a client’s business protocols. We study facility vulnerabilities, inventory practices, shipping protocols, and record management practices to determine where the shrink vulnerabilities exist, why they are happening, and who is responsible for them. We conduct thorough security audits that identify both internal and external threats to your facility.

Using the findings from this data, a customized loss prevention program is created, and a security solution is recommended to solve the security needs. Our innovative technology partnered with our experienced human resources for patrol offers security solutions of any scale.

Whether our comprehensive review, customized planning or on site patrols, Premier Protective Services is the leader in manufacturing facility security.

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