Protect Your Employees Against Workplace Violence

Loss prevention isn’t just about stolen items, it’s protecting your employees, customers and brand.

Dr. Larry Barton, a world leader in threat assessment in workplace violence, spoke about the latest trends at the 2013 National Retail Federation’s Loss Prevention Conference and Expo, June 12.

Statistics show that last year two people were killed daily in the workplace, while a whopping nine to 13 people were killed worldwide. The number isn’t exact due to under-reporting.

According to Barton, there are recommendations to consider in preventing workplace violence:

1. Companies should have a threat assessment team, making sure it has the following professionals:

  • Security
  • Supervisor
  • HR
  • Legal
  • External Assessor

2. Know and look for the following warning signs in employees:

  • Display or mention of a weapon
  • Sudden physical changes, such as unkempt look, weight loss
  • Negative changes in behavior
  • Recent fixation to policies, stores/locations and/or people
  • Bullying, intimidation
  • Changing work schedules often.
  • Extreme personality/behavior changes.
  • Threats
  • Substance abuse
  • Conflicts with employees.

Barton said it is vitally important for all employees to understand their obligations in the workplace, such as being vigilant, caring, warning, acting and supervising.

What can your company do to deter violence? Put a formal program together to address workplace violence. Seventy percent of workplaces do not have this. A formal plan includes a written policy outlining zero tolerance of violence, procedures to follow for addressing threats or a violent act, employee training, enforcement of the rules, and a physical security assessment of the premises and plan.

Premier Security Services can be a valuable partner in your company’s vigilance against workplace violence. We can assess your company and put a plan in place – from adding close circuit TVs and cameras to providing security guards to the premises.