Improve Your Bottom Line By Reducing Shrinkage

Improve your bottom line by reducing shrinkage

Is retail shrink shrinking your business to death?

Many retailers simply don’t have a handle on the elephant in the room – how big is their shrink – the loss or difference between what the company’s goods should have compared to what they do have.

Some businesses don’t have the proper system set up to track the shrink, which is a costly mistake. Inaccurate and/or insufficient inventory practices leave the business blind as to the enormity of the problem.

Shrink happens in a variety of ways:
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  • Theft by employees and/or customers
  • Inaccurate amounts of goods from the vendor (for example, a business received 10 boxes of shoes but paid for a dozen)
  • Poor forecasting
  • Improper tracking of goods
  • Lack of knowledge and/or care about shrinkage
  • No or poor surveillance equipment and security personnel

Like everything else in business, you must have accurate numbers. Therefore, it is critical that every retailer stay in control of any shrink. Premier Security Services investigates shrink issues and designs a loss prevention program tailored to a business. They are experienced in discovering the real shrink issues, as well as identifying and fixing vulnerabilities within a retail business. Why have an experienced team, such as Premier Security Services? Because they are disciplined and can dissect and analyze the shrink problem, then come up with a solution.

What Premier Security Services can do for your business’s shrinkage issues:
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  • In-depth analytical assessment to determine the cause(s)
  • A detailed blueprint plan to correct the shrinkage
  • Implementation of plan to eradicate the shrinkage and maintain an efficient shrink prevention program.